Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth - Heart Is a Weapon lyrics

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First hit, feelin' cool as shit, thought u were it

I was blinded by ur flawless, things got a sticky yeah

And they got a lil tricky, same shot, thinking off the plot

Got ur eyes on my knot, watch me catch crawl drop whoa

Things got a lotta sticky yeah, cos' I know u were a tricky whoa

I wish somebody told me that


Ur heart is a weapon

It cuts like a sword, ur heart is a weapon

Can't take it anymore! Change ur direction

Stop bangin' at my door, ur heart is a weapon!

Can't take it anymore whoa oh whoa oh

(Verse 2)

Three strikes - out, know what you're all about

Believe u from the noun, but you neva come back whoa

Things are getting super visual so you'd better take it literal

You're tryna twist like a twizler, I smoke u out like a rizzler

Though the situation critical, so you'd betta take it literal

I wish somebody told me that


(Verse 3)

Whoa oh, she's a devil, spins u in circles

U look like its level(?!), but when that done settles

She boils ur blood till it whistles like cattle

Whoa, light struggles, used to be numb now she causes u trouble

Somehow u unbuckle, she makes ur temperature double

(Chorus x2)

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