Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth - California Trees lyrics

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All of this has fallen

Still I’m hangin’ out this road

Kinda wish it was it

Such a long, long way to go

So I keep on calling, calling enough to lost you now

When release I’m fallen, I’m hangin’ down to California

(Pre Chorus)

Cuz when it gets hard, when it get higher

When it get louder x 2

Get louder


So we’re gonna go to the trees,

Oh we wanna go up, til we gonna go so high and we never come down

And you wanna know, you wanna know

Til you’ll find your California

So we round the trees and we wanna go up til we just let on

And figure it out, you wanna know, you wanna know

Till you find your California


Tamed down your high way

Where the stars are way down slow

Put me out down somewhere

Somewhere I was fall below

Hasn’t even notice if the time is right to go

Where it is I’m goin’, just keep me close to home

(Pre chorus) + (Chorus)


Sometimes you never know when the time goes out,

We let it flow

Yeah these days you’ll never know

Only keep those good times with you,


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