Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth - Boomerang lyrics

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You’ve been out of touchin’ and we’re on and on

Feelin’ like a racked on

Our love is missen sove and we gotta know

Baby this is last call

(Pre Chorus)

I know x 3

That you bring me down

Cuz we go x 4

We go round


You a little of yesterday

But I’m kickin’ any day

You don’t put the game you play but I’m not your boomerang

You’re a little bit fire show, I’m a little bit action ooh

It’s time that I let you go

I’m not your boomerang, ooh x 3


If we were barely romans, we’d caring stone we’ve be done tomorrow

You gotta give it up just to give it back

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus)

(Bridge) x 2

How long, how long

Can we go round in the circle,

How long, how long


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