Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story movie

Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story movie - Walk Hard

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Song by Written by Marshall Crenshaw, John C. Reilly, Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan<br />

Walk hard


Down life's

Rocky road

Walk bold


At my creed

My code

I've been scorned and slandered and ridiculed too

Had to struggle everyday my whole life through

Seen my share of the worse that this world can give

But I still got a dream and a burning rage to live

Walk hard


When they say

You're all done

Walk bold


Though they say

You're not the one

Even if you've been told time and time again

That you're always gonna lose and you're never gonna win

Gotta keep that vision in your mind's eye

When you're standing on top of a mountain high

You know when I was a boy

Folks used to say to me

"Slow down Dewey, don't walk so hard"

And I used to tell them

Life's a race, and I'm in it to win it

And I'll walk as damn hard as I please

How do I walk boys?


When I meet my maker on my dying day

Gonna look him in the eye and by god I'll say

I gave my word and my word was good

I took it in the face and walked as hard as I could

Walk Hard

Walk Hard

Walk Hard

Walk Hard

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