Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story movie

Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story movie - Dear Mr. President

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Song by Written by Dan Bern and Mike Viola<br /><br>

Dear Mr. President,<br>

I want you to know,<br>

I am deeper than you,<br>

Listen and learn,<br>

My heart is a chapel,<br>

My head is a steeple,<br>

My arms are the people,<br>

And the people now yearn.<br>


I stand for the midget,<br>

I stand for the Negro,<br>

I stand for the Injun,<br>

all hopped up on booze,<br>

I stand for the Jap,<br>

And I stand for the beaner,<br>

I stand, yes I do,<br>

For the Christ-Killin' Jew.<br>


And I stand for the Dyke,<br>

And I stand for the retard,<br>

I stand for the Chinaman,<br>

Washing my socks,<br>

I stand for the bum,<br>

And the pimp, and the bugger,<br>

And the cripple that lives,<br>

On my street in a box.<br>


To conclude, Mr. President,<br>

I'm not at all hesitant,<br>

To tell you I think,<br>

The first ladies a fox,<br>

Her husband, the jerk off,<br>

Has ruined my country,<br>

That's all for today,<br>

Sincerely, D. Cox.<br>


[Thanks to Liquid, Kenneth for corrections]<br>


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