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Wakeman Rick - The Battle lyrics

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Five days out on an infinite sea, they prayed for calm on an ocean free,

But the surface of the water ws indicating some disturbance.

The raft was hurled by an unseen source, two hundred feet, with

frightening force

And a dark mass rising showed to be a giant porpoise

Rising out of the angry sea, towered the creatures' enemy,

And so the two sea monsters closed for battle

Crocodile teeth, lizard's head, bloodshot eye, stained ocean red

Moving close to their raft's side, the two men prayed as one and cried

"Save me, save me, save me, save me"

The serpents' fight went on for hours, two monsters soaring up like towers

And driving downn to the depths in a single motion

Suddenly, the serpent's head, shot out of the water bathed in red

And the serpentine form lay lifeless on the ocean

Crocodile teeth, lizard's head, bloodshot eye stained ocean read

Battle won, a victor's pride, the three men thanked the Lord and cried

"Praise God, praise God, praise God, praise God."


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