Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - Workin lyrics

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(Hook x 2)

I’ve been workin’ nigga, cocaine, she’ll be fukcin’ nigga

Back in my Roary, I could dive way far

Hunnit banz and hunnit squize

Shall bang here, you know


Pussy ass nigga, you ain’t never jug

I’m a real pall true, exibith show

I’mma real trapper, exbith the hill

Trill it til I pop it, pich you and get it, catch and kill

I’m workin’, fuckin’ nigga

Kill her family, showty el chopper nigga

Throw your sense in the hill in the blockers nigga

2 shots, actin’ busy, no we fuckin’ nigga

I’m on the block, my nigga

What a young gettin’ crazy shootin’ cops my nigga

Red – blue, white flags like a hasient killer

I will never back down, not for plancker nigga



A lot of rapper start rappin’, it’s like resense

Real jet boy, I snap the chain of your neck

Set the game for you niggas, that’s a pretext

El street, dope game, nigga that’s the G. set

I'm like Meech, my nigga (You know)

Bricksquad live off loyalty, fuck you niggas

Waka Flocka name still good in these streets

Five thousand shooters nigga, you ain't hard to reach(Buya)

When it come to killers, gotta fleet my nigga

Pull a chopper out, holes in your fleets my nigga

I know you thinkin to yourself I'm a beast, my nigga

Hundred shootouts, we ain't never faced defeat, my nigga



Say this back round, he ain’t who he say it is

Actin’ hard to your youngers, can’t shut up your shit, Buya

Bang and must do a lot of rap

You know, early in the mornin’ in my dope banckin’ clickers

John got it, when she try to cross the line, you a buddy nigga

Do against you, Waka Flocka Kamicazi

Hands like I’m Alley, so, so when you find me

Heard they try to take me of the streets my nigga

Pussy nigga snitchin’ pota to police my nigga

Now the fans try to kick in my front door

I got loyal feet burn, money, case close


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