Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - What I Do lyrics

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Ft. Juvenile


Ya know, we do this shit

We don't need no muthafuckin' compliments, man



I'm good at what I do (good at what I do)

I'm good at what I do (good at what I do)

I'm good at what I do (good at what I do)

I'm good at what I do (good at what I do)

And all my bad bitches, they'll do me all night

So give this love cuz this show man

And all my real niggas ride fo' me if we need it

All you bitches dyin' slowly

(Verse: Juvenile)

All the real niggas, they fuckin' with me

Bad bitches, they fuckin' with me

In the VIP, with my strap on me

Blowin' gas, sippin' this couple Remi

Shoes Fendi, my G's hustle

My shirt Fendi, my buckle Fendi

She ain't no fuck, Coupe hangin'

Hit her, I fuck her pass her, ain't cuffin' any

Believe it or not, no fucking Ridley hood

Nigga drive in this awkward Bentley

Don't play no games with these lame niggas

Stomp a nigga out if he stuff my ________(?)

Every nigga round me 100

Leave a hunnid racks but won't touch a penny,

Bands on me no twenties fifties

Just hundreds, pockets they stuffed with centuries

It's so, Flocka gon' shoot 'er

Damn right it's what I'm good at, nigga

You can try me if you want to

Get shiz, pushed back, nigga

Half a ticket on my neck like a dope boy

Lookin' like I copped that, nigga

I'm a real jack boy

Caught a nigga slippin' and I took that, nigga



(Verse 2: Flocka)

Jet lane, I'm flexin'

Real niggas only my section

Faragamo my belt buckle

Hand cuffs on me, no arrested

FN on my waist line

If a fuck nigga wanna test me

Elm Street, I'm pilin' Kruger

Right, nigga, no leftie

Ask around, tough niggas know Flocka

I'm a real street nigga named heavy

In the bushes that choppa, nigga

Dressed in all black like Westley

I'm a rich nigga, fuck some red bottles

She do anythang she bless me

I've a three sum', two bad bitches

I fucked her and her bestie

I smoke gas, no regie

If it ain't loud, don't pass it

Real street nigga with a bank account

200k on my matrice

Don't eva change, always stay the same

Only thing that change is my address

With my status, can't fuck with basic bitches

Can't fuck with her if she average



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