Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - Wakapella lyrics

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Blow blow blow

That's Raffa Lox still popping shots

Whipping coke in your pasta pots

They say I fell off or I'm not as hot

Lines at my shows been around the block

Flocka chopper, let's pop a bottle

My wife a gangsta, not just a model

I'm a beast nigga, it's hard to follow

At peace nigga, eat this hollow

Been sum' places, I beat sum' cases

Dunk and KO, I see their faces

Run the play up, I see the Matrix

Six numbers nigga, this shit is basic

Investin' keys, make several G's

I'm on the recipe to make ecstacy

Talk in person, no textin' me

Ya know Chaz gotta stand next to me

Rapper diss me, I'ma let him know

Pull up your schedule, come to yo show

Buy a ticket on the front row

Then beat your ass so everybody know

You motherfuckers can't play with me

Don't LOL or JK with me

Tell the truth it amazes me

To be myself I get paid to be

Ya motherfuckers act fake for free

So ya fuck niggas stay away from me

Gettin' money sound great to me

I'm get these piece from A to Z

Come to your town and it's goin' down

Free Gucci posters all in the crowd

My smoke volume super loud

My personal is like half a pound

Did festivals all across the globe

Met a lot of people, there's a lot to know

Wanna be the man, that's a lotta grow

Nobody alive gonna stop the show

Switchin' the flow up, you rappers are hoe

I see you in person you act like you know us don't dap us or show us not luv

Fuck all y'all! I'm still young Flock with the sawed off

Bricksquad, we a global name

For hoes and fame, you niggas go insane

Stick to the code, that's loyalty

Bring loyal fees and royalty

Lost hella weight but I'm still eatin'

Hold my calls, I'm in a meetin'

It's winnin' season, I'm gettin' even

Against the odds til I'm finished breathin'g

Pray for 'em (Pussies)

Pray for 'em (Flocka)

Pray for 'em (Flocka)

Salute Me or Shoot Me the album, the nigga's on the way

Blow blow blow

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