Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - Realize The Real lyrics

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Uhh, you bro niggas ain't counting no paper,

these things ain't get no money

nigga get the f*ck around me, partner!

f*ck what you want nigga!

that's the shoot, second hand

hoe f*cking mad nigga


Hey, I'll be turnt up

hey, I'll be turnt up

I hit hard like sammer got me,

kick game like I'm brand winning

two hand of bitch like a logic time is

eat a rapper no Jeffrey diamonds

of the rive dale grow street

just to be exact now I'm on the map

put my hood up, G's up, bees up and hoes down

MOD, money over bitches, kick it down to this p**sies nigga

don't bump too late polices nigga

smoke that black no willin'

I'ma stack my paper, got me feeling richer,

you know send my dog just got locked up

just last night who turned up?

okay, poppin' bottles my nigga like boy,

pull a thousand in the air big it up,

that's one, we calling play now we locked up,

damn, god damn, goddamn, my dog that f*cked up

see what I tell a nigga main

you take gambles in life,

sometimes you don't know what to f*ck with.. man

5 hours later, 3 hours later, 30 minutes later,

you know, the shit be crazy nigga

when I'll ho you got to hold your head nigga, you know what I mean?

every bitch that look bad nigga ain't gonna be good for you nigga

skips for hoe nigga, you know I new rhyme for my ..I'm fat

I'm a real player..nigga,

get your motherf*cking hair here playin you nigga, oh

I'll put your dick in the dirt, make your mama cry

put you in that black box with a suit and tie,

f*ck with Waka Flocka the whole side south they gonna fly,

3-3-350, 000 when I go by,

Every chance I get, shawty I just turn up,

make the wrong move, broster he gon bang ya

bullets beats your chest, slap your face tied up,

they be like Waka really not that hard 'cause all I talk is murder

I'm like boy I wish you try it, hallo tip your diet, flex

turn the f*cking cup into a motherf*cking riot

every time your baby mama see a nigga she excited

everything she want and need in this world I can buy it

broke nigga, you don't even know how it feel like to have 20 rents nigga, there ain't to money nigga, these niggas tell me they hit licks for like 30 racks, that ain't no motha f*ckin lick nigga,bomb front nigga 100 racks ain't to lick for us mane, only 250 is good around her partner, we pop shit we kick shit he hit squad!

Thanks to Shelbie Henderson for correcting these lyrics

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