Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - On Everything lyrics

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Ft. Yo Gotti


Erryday my phone rang (prrrr)

I’m busting down the whole thing (break down)

Whip same color cocaine (hraaa)

Big pistols, big gold chains (gold chains)

I luv it (I put that on everything) (x3)


Moose head on my pinky ring

Pop that pussy fo' me dinner dang

I won't let up, that's on everything

I just want the money, you can have the fame

(Hol' up!) Shooting for the top, I got perfect aim

(Hol' up!) All that pussy shit I can't entertain

(Hol' up!) When I bought the Ghost I blew up the brains

(Hol' up!) Your advance check, I spit that on my artist chains

Whole lotta bitches and some shell pain

I don't fuck with lames, real nigga get up ____(?)

Feds, that's my nigga Putang

Pockets race shows and I spit like Jerry Flocka!


(Verse 2: Gotti)

Got the Air15, that muthafucka'll rock ya

The first time I met Flocka had that .40 Glock on my whaist

Nay young nigga throw a lil game scent

Came bought five bricks from the Mexicans

Me, it's time that I want flex it in

White Lamb with the blue top

That bitch drop on Forgiattos

Now I'm sellin' more weed than Colorado

Neither thought I had it this big rich

Fuckin' up a set wadn't shit fo' me

Go and get some knee, gon' stand on that

Nah, nigga, we ain't playin' like that

Talk on our phone, down with folly, low with hoes

Keep it real with my young'ns

Keep this hot, how it goes

Eeeeee, guess I had the wrong answer

Phone ringin', might be tapped, so I won't answer that


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