Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - No Flex Zone (Freestyle) lyrics

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(Hook x2)

No flex zone

No flex zone

They know betta

They know betta


Young records, keep cash in yo pocket

It's a tip goin' by, you a wolly

Look at Waka Flocka, tryna put some knowledge

Fuck that, nigga, let's get ignant

You niggas ain't ballin', you just feelin' on yo pivot

Y'all chase bitches for the digits

I chase riches for the digits

Let's get it! Y'all can't see my plan

These bitches wanna kick it, need a ham

I'm with Steve Aoki, you have Benny Hinnes

Spendin' all yo money on the baby mommas

No Flex Zone, I'mma get my flex on

Baby tryna turn up in the plug, I got the flex on

Trendsetter, so I know they gon' follow

Jay said he dumbed down and doubled his dollars

I was poppin' pistols, y'all was poppin' collars

Dropped a hit record, now the labels gon' call us

Rockstar with a big ass gun

I do it by myself and now she get done

Obedience is key, that's how yo bitch gon' come

Big crib, big whip, big blunt

Real shit in yo eardrum

You talkin' bout the ? I don't feel one


Fuck you mean, man? No Flex Zone, pussy nigga

Can't rap vine 2, man

Y'all niggas mad cuz I hang around niggas you can't hang around, facts

I don't want no industry friend, man

Fuck you!

Fuck you rap niggas, I don't want no industry friend, pussy nigga

(Verse 2)

Real one and I been through some real shit

If ya actin' weird, then I'm lettin' out a 4 clip

Hell yeah Waka Flocka with the bullshit

Know I got cream when I pull up in a cool whip

And the rule in the buildin' say I gotta be

Cool with all the people ? stool with

I got some new kush, I got some new guns

I closed the title and I'm bout to close a new one


I was joggin' on you niggas, they callin' this shit the new one

And we still bustin' when the news come, pussy nigga

Don't got me back on this four shit, man

I neva left that four shit, man

Streets dust, man, squat!

(Hook x2)

No flex zone

No flex zone

They know betta

They know betta

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