Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - Fire Squad (Freestyle) lyrics

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Niggas acting like they're kings till I walk up on their throne

Take a piss, kiss the ring, know it hurts, know it stings

Red alert on the beam, Flocka home

The kids misdirected & the cops are wrong

Man they ratting on each otha, then they back at home

Acting like it neva happened, backstabbing

What's next? Anotha rapper dead, no flex

I'm going at yo head, who the best?

Cut the check, closed mouths neva get fed

Take the food off yo plate, chew it in yo face

I can't hear yo shit, moment of silence

Condoning the violence if you're proposing a risin'

Their fan base mad I killed their favorite rapper

I'm still yo favorite trapper's favorite trapper

Fuck freestyles, kill em wit the written rhymes

& all ya cokehead rappers betta get in line

No subliminals, I'm direct getting off

Yo clique is soft, let yo bitch kick it wit a boss

We're twoo people from the bottom, we're just different lanes

Cole I feel yo pain, feel like I was born again

This the tiger & the lion, this is David & Goliath

This Qu'ran & the Bible, this the pistol & the rifle

In the cypher I ignite ya, boom!

It's a cold fucking world & I'm sneezing bricks

& we got grey tickets, on my season shit

Break them chickens down, then we season it

Repress it, then send it, that's an easy flip

Crush my enemies, they just envy me

Now it's business entities, it was meant to be

Squad life till they sentence me to centuries

Can't get to me, I handle shit differently

We neva had shit, wonder why we looting

If he ain't got a pistol, why the fuck he shooting?

I think them drugs pollutant, should've stayed a student

But then I wouldn't be on stage givin' out the blueprint

Holler at the movement, I'm about to lose it

& when I do, lay it down, ain't no fucking movement

They like Flock, waddup wit EDM?

Same rappers lowkey don't wanna see me win

Fifty thou' fo' a verse, I don't need a friend

& I don't really like yo music, so why pretend?

& how ya gangbanging after you're famous?

Swear half of ya brainless, ya rappers are aimless

Ya rappers are anus, I'm clapping the stainless

This accurate aiming, start dropping yo names in

It's a new world order

Made a dolla out a quarta, made sum' dollas out of quarters

Now the show's across the boarders & they're slaughtering our daughters

& they're killing all our sons, this shit ain't just fo' fun

We used to put our hands up & box on the block

Now ya put yo hands up & get shot by a cop

I sat first class by Donnie McClurkin

He said, God got a plan, young man, keep working

I know, Flocka!

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