Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka - Against All Odds lyrics

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Ft. Gucci Mane & Bobby Valentino


Squad! God bless, man

Squad! 1097

(Verse: Flocka)

19 years old, just met the plug

Black ass nigga, mouth full of gold

No Ty Verd, yellow Corvette

Fresh outta jail plug at my doorstep

He said 'I got a show tonight, bring all yo friends'

All y'all gettin' in, everything on me

So I call my niggas from the Della C P

I do 25, if he fuckin', we go cheat

The loyalty's foreva, neva think different, G

Bread squad monopoly, we do it BIG

I do it for my friends, fans and my family

Young ass nigga gettin' money, got 'em hatin'

Contemplatin' on they next move, they need a Flocka

Don't kick yo feet, I won't bring no M's back

That's some real shit


Yeah, we made it

Been through the storm and made it

Against all odds

So shout out to my haters

Ain't nobody stopping me

(Verse 2: Gucci Mane)

Ain't too many niggas I trust

They don't make niggas like us

I'm an OG, y'all know me, with three young niggas in my truck

I got AKs in my band and I got ARs on my blood

I won't let a nigga, I'd bet a nigga, I would a nigga ass up

These niggas mad at the squad cuz they broke as joke

You needa get mad at the TV nigga go break the remote

I put my feet up on and smoke, Flock got the game in a yoke

I got your bitch in the blender, I got that hoe on the ropes

I had Wu go get the scope, and shoot your ass in the throat

On, I was outside walkin' Corman, we fall deep in the Ghost

And we don't smoke on regular weed because that's all you guys smoke

Did some trappin' and rappin', I'm pullin' FOs

Smokin' an ounce but I'm blowin' a bowl

Pickin' and jickin' and treasure the low(?!)

Servin' the dope and he's swingin' the gold



(Verse 3: Bobby Valentino)

Some say I'm good, others say I'm average

Tryna duck these haters, beat their eyes and live life

Damn, lil bruh, they give Ty 10 to life

Now he up on trial for another fuckin' murder

Free my nigga P, I said free my nigga P

It's funny how they salute you when you in the fuckin' streets

And throw dirt on you when you get locked up

Always keep it real, neva had my chain tucked

I'm from Ridgedale Clair county

Nigga, do you hear me? Just bought a Ghost and Bentley

Pussy, do you see me?

Money not the topic cuz cash I got plenty

Salute my nigga Gucci, salute my nigga Gucci

Had to say it two times, the third I'mma bust

In the Squad I trust, came close, my niggas

Money can't buy this loyalty

Money can't buy this loyalty

DIE for this loyalty

DIE for this loyalty



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