Waitresses - Jimmy Tomorrow lyrics

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Shocked? Dismayed?

Or maybe just a little upset

Well, no, this isn't pretty

And yes, my hair was longer then

It's what happens when your choices

Are narrowed to fashion or violence

Adjustments, you make adjustments

There's nothing left wrong with me

That money can't cure

But I don't want to be somebody else's

Learning experience

Some rich kid's way to spend his allowance

I want magic in my real world

Some modern voodoo to make it work

Voodoo to make it work

I remembered what you sputtered

Chewing your stupid fuel

You said, you said, "The amplification of the eternal

Present is the technology of desire." Shoo!

I thought you were already corroded...

I said, "You don't know me, I'll be the one

Pulling that perfect crime, flushing

This place down that huge hole

When I quit cigarettes."

But, it was just more gas

We were all wearing falsies

...weren't we?

So I'll stop being clever

and just say it straight

I guess I set impossible goals

and I don't know when to quit

Is that it? Is that it? Is that it? Is that it?


Found a cure for daylight yet?

Tom Tomorrow and Sermonette

Found a cure for gravity yet?

Yes, I'm addicted to roofs and jets

Found a cure for hunger yet?

Black coffee, cigarettes

Found a cure for desire yet?

I don't wanna talk about that,

I don't wanna talk about that

[repeat chorus]

I don't wanna talk about that

Why do you keep asking me?

[repeat chorus]

My goals?

My goals are to find a cure for irony

and make a fool out of God.

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