Waikiki - New Technology lyrics

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Well have you heard <br />

All the people clapping their hands?<br />

And have you seen<br />

All the castles made in the sand?<br />

Uh oh, uh oh, woahh...<br />

And have you heard<br />

They've all got something to announce?<br />

Well it's true, yeah it's true<br />

They're all waiting at your command.<br />

Yeah you know <br />

That we all just wanna go home.<br />

Today so grey <br />

'Cos it's you and me against the new technology.<br />

And I've seen the band<br />

Marching on through the land.<br />

Well it's sweet, you care<br />

But it's not enough you're aware.<br />

Well I know <br />

It's true <br />

The clock is ticking for you.

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