Waikiki - Mad And Beautiful lyrics

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La la la la...<br />

All the traffic <br />

Got no rhythm <br />

All the buskers <br />

Are out of tune <br />

And the papers <br />

They got nothin' <br />

But together <br />

They're a song <br />

The push and pull <br />

Of the traffic <br />

And the radio <br />

In between <br />

The taxi stories <br />

Are all broken <br />

But together <br />

They're a song <br />

And together <br />

We're a song <br />

Our love's exploding <br />

It's delicious <br />

You're mad and beautiful <br />

I was once warned <br />

Not to touch you've got the green light <br />

Now drive <br />

Now we're swimming <br />

I hear church bells <br />

Resonating through the waves <br />

I can't predict <br />

Can't resist you <br />

What came before you <br />

I can't recall <br />

But together <br />

We're a song

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