Waikiki - Love Is lyrics

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Love is lost <br />

In a tale tossed. <br />

Swept aside <br />

By fear and pride.<br />

Turned away <br />

By yesterday. <br />

But one thing's right,<br />

They never hide. <br />

So if you're feeling that it's just too much <br />

Then take a breath and hold on tight, <br />

Because love is light<br />

If it's right.<br />

The feeling soared<br />

They wanted more <br />

The time is right <br />

They both felt inside <br />

They didn't know <br />

Just where to go <br />

But one thing's right<br />

They never hide <br />

If you don't learn this time <br />

I'm going to<br />

Teach you how I know you could<br />

Be until you understood. <br />

It takes time for love to settle down <br />

And I know it will this time, <br />

But not for now so close your eyes.

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