Wage War

Wage War - Twenty One

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They say that there's no hope

Don't think, do what you're told, no

We've lost our way. Abandoned foundations on which we were made

We're all dyin' of the same disease

I looked for the answer and the problem was me

All along we've been searchin' for a place to call our home

You and I will neva learn if we try to do this on our own

Underneath it all we are all the same. (All the same)

Neva knowin' where to go

Lost in our way, can we eva escape? Can we decide our fate?

I'm more than familiar with feelin' like I've failed to meet everyone's expectations

When every definition of success becomes different

It's hard to really feel like you're makin' a difference

They say that there's no hope, don't think, do what you're told

Dare to be different, to break the mold

Live ur life with intention

Go forth and be bold

Why do we try to ova complicate the things that used to be so simple?

So step back, you'll be able to see that ur purpose in life is not just to be

I've come to grips with the fact that I'll neva be able to change my own past

But I've found strength in divine perspective

It took me twenty one years to realize: Hope, Luv, and Faith are how we survive

Grace sustains me, pain has endin', there's still hope

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