Wade Waters

Wade Waters - A Post-Racial America lyrics

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Is the same thing I saw it yesterday

We need a better way ‘cause anything changed.

Police is violent but they tell me be a pacifist

I’m black and love this country I’m a masochist

Post-racial can’t be the adjective

its inadequate

the thought it makes me wanna laugh at it

The border looks like a nazi camp

They still murder blacks ask Oscar Grant

Left wing politicians won't cop a stance

A bunch of cowards all afraid of Fox's rants

False information leads to inflammation of this cancer

Then untrue views is spewed through the camera

They blame Mexicans for trafficking, intoxicants,

And Arizona they gonna ask for your documents

Since Africans was carried to the Occident

They try to convince the world the treatment was innocuous

And how could I be confident

When the NAACP is incompetent

We got Obama and we were on high like marijuana

Now we see his persona attract nothing but drama

We were real simp thinking that he might save us

My life chances still lower than my white neighbors

No education black juveniles fight cases

Kanye apologized so I call'em racists

And I gotta basis, covered all my bases

This goes out to Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan

I got questions, I need answers

Still trying to figure out whats the matters with Kansas?

Kids got the same rights, different chances

He who inherits advantage advances

We post-racial like an airport scan is

I got cabbies who wanting me where the Klan is

Shudder when they utter double standards

Eating away at the discourse like cancer

Far from post racial so hateful

Hate speech gets a man a job on cable

Fly Fox's lies toxic so why watch it

Optics glazed eye sockets myopic

The president is black so he’s an ex-factor

We’re on the next chapter,

They trying to step backwards

Class war created, more the poor hated

Success rate and skin color is still correlated

And I don't even wanna talk about the N-word

I wanna know why ideas get censored

Wade Waters.. down forthe causes ya

I’m about to say f*ck it and run for office

Is the same thing I saw it yesterday

We need a better way ‘cause ain't a thing changed.

We have comfort, we’re not there yet

On the stairs steps is not fair yet

Is the same thing I saw it yesterday

We need a better way ‘cause anything changed.

And we still struggle, we ain’t reclaiming

We gotta keep working, let’s keep prime in.

Thanks to Justin McCray for correcting these lyrics

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