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W. Original Motion Picture movie - Claudette lyrics

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well i got a brand new baby and i feel so good<br>

she loves even better than i thought she would<br>

i?m on my way to her house an i?m plumb outa breath<br>

when i see her tonight i?m gonna squeeze her to death<br>



claudette, pretty little pet claudette<br>

never make me fret claudette<br>

she?s the greatest little girl that i?ve ever met<br>

got the best lovin that i?ll ever get<br>

from claudette oh oh claudette yeah yeah claudette<br>


well i?m a lucky man my baby treats me right<br>

she?s gonna let me hug and kiss an hold her tight<br>

and when the date is over and were at her front door<br>

when i kiss her good night i?ll holler more more more<br>




when me an my new baby have a date or three<br>

i?m gonna ask my baby if she?ll marry me<br>

i?m gonna be so happy for the rest of my life<br>

when my brand new baby is my brand new wife<br>


end with chorus <br>


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