Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Wine Pon Him

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Ah nuh calypso but woman yuh fi dip so

Ah nuh disco, free up yuh hips so

Mek yuh finga touch yuh toe tip so

Gimme a fuck look, lick off yuh lips so

Pretend like yuh nuh fuck fi a while

Yuh nuh fuck fi a while, fi a while

Yuh nuh juk gyal

Turn me on wid di waah fuck look

2 hand pon di groun' gyal

Cock up yuh foot

Fling it up pon a bwoy & mek him wine pon yuh

Model yuh tattoo jus mek him wine pon yuh

And me need lovin' too come mek me wine pon yuh

Yuh nah go tell mi girlfren

Mi naw go tell yuh boyfren

Doh feel shame

Ah di name a' di game

Yuh punnany nuh lame

Ah di

Push weh di table

Cock up pon a chair

Clean draws ah di laws

Tek it off if it tear

Wine pon a man

Giddy up, giddy up

Wine, wine pon a man

Go, go leff di beer

Show breast, no brassaire

Arm clean nuh ras hair

Woman is a

Every gyal ah disappear

If yuh hot gyal pull yuh blouse up

Electric, it hit yuh, go grouns' up

If yuh still hot pull yuh skirt up

Coodeh! Bear man head get hurt up

Cock it up, tek di wine up

Fuck inna script, fuck inna join up

If yuh drop brush off, climb up (brush off, climb up)

Man to a woman, woman to a man

Mek pum-pum land when my buddy stand

Yuh nuh wrong when yuh nyaam off di john

Just tell a gyal yuh is yuh own big woman

Fuck to di base cah I like Peter

Yuh breast cocked like nine millimeter

Mi nuh waan see nuh AK none at all

Baby put yuh 2 foot over the wall

Gimme di calypso wine, like soca

Skin nuh burn up like weed from a smoker

Turks and Cacos mi mek nioca

'Fraid fi come over, much less come in

Cuz how she hear seh mi mash up Cabrina

Hot girl, buffy & xena

Publish mi numba in the classified inna Gleanor

Call me

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