Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Sweet Tothe Belly

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[Chorus:] Di gal go so It sweet to di belly Squeeze up di breas like jelly don't Shelly She sing like Kelly She no want no man nyam her like R Kelly Di gal run weh Nelly Seh if a no me or Assassin a Ele She call me pon di cellie She seh har man hood dead like Makavelli Di gal go so When me fore it inna her Mek she flee from di bed go straight a Don car Under Guinness mi go fi her Mek she feel like di something weh she have a nuh fi her She seh all is fair in love and war War angel lovin may bring cut & scar but She love it anyways She love it when mi blaze up di fire inna her She seh [Chorus] When she seh Dat no mean she suckin Have har inna mi bedroom A straight cocky bruckin Some all night wukin Gimme di chicken head dem Mi deh yah fi di pluckin See Butler deh no gal can't duck him No Antoinette no Jackie No Suzie no Kim Bedroom handcuffing force up di stuffing hear she puffing [Chorus] Good luck if you No want good wuck Gal gwaan go look a good suck Make up from you hook mi friend up Him tell me seh you can't fuck Roast duck Cook fi please mi & cut mi win Cause a mi fuss Bruk wake up Put on you clothes Caw If mi wife ketch you You get fuck She seh [Chorus]

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