Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Solomonic Chronic

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So mi ah say

Yuh know it's kartelly, (timely)

I'm a high grade angel, (yuh know)

So mi ah say yuh kno when I smoke d weed

I'm high next to heaven (crimely)

My IQ raise also (interlect)

My interlect, Intelligence,

SO MI AH SAY YUH KNOW (wah yaaa sayyyy)

Leme tell yuh sumin

So salomonic is d chronic,

Super sonic Super tonic,

Mekk me speak in Islamic,

Hieroglyphic and slavonic,

Every atom get atomic,

Every phallic av bionic head,

Spinnin cyclonic haize ringing telephonic,

SO sweet and Symphonic

When me grab ah block of Blonic,

Spilff Big and Iconic Long like a macaronic,

Diabolic or perstalical alcholic whey yuh fall it

Babylon belong d range shoot up tekk tonic

Blue ride hydrolic stay like it's titanic

Jewish and catholic say me have it more ronic

More chronic Gyalionic make me wrap the microphonic,

Keep it real Me doh act it like ah man wey drop. Talk it!

We smokin till we look down at D sky,

High like the Greeting someone say HI,

Dis bwoy ah roll tru high school dayz,

Me IQ raise when d High Grade raise.


Like third world I'm committed,

To weed Me doh Shitted,

Blood witted daz written,

It's not counterfitted,

D judge still great head,

Right tru some half withered

Police grab me spliff head

But I was a quick head,

Radio transmitted or fed Ex Remitted

Anywhere dat me sit at

My treez affi refitted

D light when me lighter emitted

It split head but matches got lit head

Still benefitted

Black head and white head,

Treez get lighted,

Fire ignited me brain's excited,

I'm so delighted

Fully red sighted,

Treez and rizzla and fire united

We smokin till we look down at the sky

High like the greeting Someone say Hi,

Kartel ah roll tru high school dayz,

Me IQ raise when D high grade raise.

Thanks to Tapiwa Mundawarara L.V for correcting these lyrics

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