Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Love Of Money

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Sorry honey, I'm in love with money

U seh yuh mi alike

U seh mi n u would be really nice

Seh u have a reason fi be my life

Seh u wanna really get love fi life

Money mean love n I love my life

My true money nanny is my wife

When di talk dem hustle in di streets

Every night for police strip

Upon di road when yuh sleep

Is not for the love of rollin dear

The love of money

Mi check for u my girl

But u still can't get first place

When mi wek up inna di morning

None haffi look inna mi face

If mi na mi have pound Sterling

Di queen mi want fi embrace

She divorce Benjamin Franklin

A mi move on inna my place

Mi nuh want no gyal weh nah mal

Mi want di American dream

If mi go England

Mi no rule normal

Mi ruling wid di queen

Darl up Darley? seh

She's serial

Married to money don't illegal

Any woman debt on money she a my gyal

When Dean? drive in

? Inna di scheme

Every English hustle I know what mi mean

Mek mi bawl out n leave the queen

Got mi clarks shoe n cya lean

Gat mi wan jeans red collar?

Ready polo and USA money cream, pimp pimp

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