Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - For Love

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Da gyal ya no easyyy

Tell me she love me, she deceive me

One bag ah lie and me believe herr

Tell me she going to have me baby

Two friend did ah try warn me

Tell me d girl ah give way it d gyal ah give way it

When me confront her about it she say a lie she love me only

Me say me na want her she say she want me

She say me nuh really mean it it can't be

Rub down me chest and get me horny

What kinda spell da gyal hav pon me

Me did love her when we war

It worster dan america and d iraqi army

She's blind she say she na come back

And two twos ah she that ah call me

Da gyal ya no easy,

She make me friends ah play wid har

She fuck me enemy them regardless

Me jus ah show u how da gyal a heartless

Shes a beautiful girl she fulla charm yes

She so petty she look so harmless

She treat me with warmness

Cause ah one bagga man ah go under har dress

She don't want walk way and that a hurt me so much

D more me vex d more she want fuck me and me tempted to touch

Jah know she don't want let me go and me don't kno why me love her so

Things change me live inna mansion now,

You cuda be with me u cuda be with me

Me tourrrr the worlddd all over

You cuda be with me u cuda be with me

Me cyan believe that all the things you told me wasn't true

Me cyan believe that u werent real to me

And now this is the end don't love u aga aiiinnnn

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