Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Every Gal A My Gyal

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Nuff boy seh dem nuh like me

But no boy nuh affi like me

Cah mi know seh nuh boy nuh happy like me

Every gyal ah my gyal

Mi get gyal everywhere me go

Mi babymudda dem seh dem nuh let me go

Nuff boy waan pree how mi lucky suh

Dem nuh know wah mi do.

Every gyal ah my gyal

She waan lay down inna di bed of mine

If she nuh get me she must get a friend of mine.

Mi mek she get warm like summertime

She love di gaza

Every gyal ah my gyal

Everyting mi seh fi do

She ah go do.

Ah wah do you

Mi own har punoonoo

She ah mi boo boo

Di gyal a nuh... ?

Yuh nuh see di gyal ah my gyal

From portmore go down ah... ?

Mi have a bag ah gyal ah ackle di buddy buddy

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