Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Emergency

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[Chorus:] Emergency, we a suffer roun ere Roun ere, man a ded, tings tougher roun ere Crime scene gone up, tall up man ah go fa roun ere Missa man, whe yu doing fi the gutter roun ere? [Verse 1:] Two party, but ah de same sad song dem a play Poor people money lean back and rockaway Dem raise everyting from oil to Craven A So how dem no raise up everybody pay Portmore mi born and ah de so mi yard stay So mi nah pay no toll fi cross the Causeway Mr. Bruce, Mr. PJ This is just a couple question from Addi the deejay [Question:] Kingston mek no AK? [Question:] How gun come inna JA? Who own the wharf and the airport, the docks and the bay? [CHORUS] [VERSE 2:] Everyting except ded people ah raise De dead man ah 'sehe' him betta off inna the grave How we fi save pon minimum wage When two yute go high school, two go all age? Dem change dem face like Nicholas Cage True election ah come, dem temporary re-arrange Mi rate Bruce, mi rate PJ But dem waan we ded off like dog weh have mange Mi born a sufferer, when it ah go change? Mi love Portia Simpson, mi love Babsy Grange But if dem nuh tun a new page We nah wear no red or no green again We ah wear beige Fi de yute dem a de stoplight, mi a beg oonu a change Oonu dog a live betta dan dem, oonu outrage Yu know how much innocent yute dem a hundred man inna de cage [CHORUS]

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