Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel - Badda Dan Dem

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Me nuh care where yuh bad from Or the ends where yuh trad from gun shot mek yuh fall like the bridge ova london when it kick yuh like vandam dis me outa east and meh buck yuh up ah boston head ah buss like gaspan bullet with gunpowder no lasco no lass man dis kartel and pantan push yuh head in yuh mudda pussy like tampon yeh big up buju banton when ah boy ah kick like Jackie Chan over Hong Kong Our gun go so pam pam we bad before xman and green lantern before snoop live ah compton so boy nuh tru yuh hear Kartel do him gyul song meh nuh easy feh walk pan teflon blackblunt carbon yow we ah badder than them by far badder than them by near in ah peace in ah war drive by walk by in car gun war fare see the chief of staff here 3 star badder than them by far badder than them by near yo yo yuh brain will get float in with the big millie 14 my gun carry copper no calcium no protien so yuh dead when eh soak en when meh did ah run town with meh gun inna meh short jeans you there ah country ah plant green so yuh wah war bad man now by all means when yuh ready bring it on please and bring yuh friend them small axe fall tall tress ah them pussy yuh call g's when gunshot ah blow them think ah christmas breeze one catch yuh yuh must freeze marrow fly from jamaica cross the west indies land ah belize next please when iron dog bit it wussa than rabbies and it sting like peer bees mek big man cry like ladies and babies timeless

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