Voivod - Pre-Ignition

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Hey you Tell me, what's your call name Closed negative display Engaged on section three The acrid factories You Putrid perfect product Proper platinum parts Proficient prototypes Steadily spew from these pipes Are you Generated by waste Arid quarry displaced Environmental squeeze Aluminum disease You Conscious of origin Intent is in the wind Atmosphere infected Descendants defected Are you Novel stroke of design Or relics from this mine Casually choke Noxious nourishment Embodied illicit cure Ground and rock and sand Come crumble tumble down Grinding round The hydraulic wheel Extraction The ultimate greed Now...hidden from view Surveying stable shifts A feeble groove Unintentional split Then they return to work As if they're not disturbed Cybernetic beings Omniscent regiment Thriving with vigor Incessant loom An assumed order Auspicious tool Franticly flow Spumous sediment Remedied, neurotic fuse Ground and rock and sand Come crumble tumble down Yonder sound an echoing gong Disjunction Of their disowned gods Now...some are set free Emotions flood their gaze Synthetic breed The pre-ignition phase Pre-ignition Flares up in you Pre-ignition Provokes me too

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