Voivod - I Don'T Wanna Wake Up

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The sun is going down People came from everywhere Gathering in this small universe It is good to see you all How do you do? Still in this train Here we remain Like yesterday We feel the same You know, we never really had it easy Sometimes, life is too complicated For now, we just want to forget it We're here in front of you And that's what we do Seems like the past Will forever last And time goes too fast You know, we live in a hurricane Sometimes, it's hard to stay unaffected For now, we want to enjoy ourselves And hear the sound of you Yeah, that's what we do Don't you realize We're under, hypnotized There is no better sight When we look in your eyes You know, it is good to see each other Sometimes, we are so disconnected Right now, between hell and heaven We're flying above you Yeah, that's what we do I don't wanna wake up

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