VNV Nation

VNV Nation - Perpetual

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Find it in you, raise your eyes

Look beyond the place you stand

Towards the furthest reaches

And to the smallest of things

The sound you are hearing

Is the symphony of what we are

Revelation will not come

With heart and mind closed and divided

No need of sun to light the way

Across the ages, we have reigned as we endured

Through the storm fronts we will ever surely pass

To stand as never ending light

Throw away the mantle

Awake from your uncertain hesitation

No way to describe or equate the feeling

No end to what is at your command

A million thoughts run through you

Concentric circles, ever greater

But you have always known

That this is not all there is

To your questions there'll be answers

Let there be, let there always be

Never ending light

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