Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele - The Plague And The Fire

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Sinners to gowders, I love you, dust

Hope the young child and your old dad

Claim here the passion

You far too young,

Will leave the desire then the silver need

Tight in our sins, doin’ half right

Now is no mean, innocence grace

Claim in the fire wanna play in the fire

From the play in the fire x 2

This are all mine

The devil descendin’ or dream all the eyes

Funeral tears for, profit on cryin’

Heaven it’s stood in and I fall on fire

Sharken and splendor, disease in the sky

In the mirror of fly

Corrupts disappear on, could beat just the same

Playin’ the fire, only playin’ the fire

From the playin’ the fire this gets are mine

Ignite this gostly, flashion beans

In the sky all awake

And in the sky are awake

Shadow spirits may forgive this

After that beat will fall and bangers still we now

Evil is bow in the night

Reason is told here in night

The comin’ on dawn will be a kill for a high

The june is bunin’ and lockin’ all the desire

No worthly playin’ will you turn it to me

And I cool on waitin’, I will repeat

Will lead all the fire from the playin’ the fire

Throw all that playin the fire, from the playin’ the fire

This are all mine

Leave all and let’s ball the night

Release all this talk in the night

You wait from it all, luck a new ragin’

You was from the lost______(?)

You wait from the night, but in dreams

You get from us, sellin’ soul from river

Burnin’ dreams, _____________(?)


Drinkin’ souls and seasers

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