Vinny Cha$e

Vinny Cha$e - H20 lyrics

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I’ll be on your block

Stupid niggaz love the hoes

I put my hand force once

Chase me and send me the… most likely

So icy, niggaz are close but enlight me

I sell drugs but I buy some

I pop art , it’s a rock part

Fish full of dollars, fuck me, I’ll be your partner

We pass everywhere we poppin’

Trash, send it in the trash bag

Since you’ve never seen that

I’ll be on the train with a 100 …large

Used to be school estate, now it’s …

Came from the streets, the nigga is fighting

I ain’t Mike Tyson

Wisdom of farewell , truth will find light

First class got diamonds

Get knocked off for a few times

I’m still climbin’, left the rope for the niggaz still shining

You won’t see the silver line through darkness

I do it for the single mothers

We know this rap stuff is easy, man

But I’m coming on the hall to dance

Rappers can’t see my people

You already know that ,man

And I’m from Ohio and you know I like that salted food

What happened to pull you in my living room?

Started with a little, now I got a lot of diamonds on my chest

You can stay dancing

Do you think I made it with my laptop?

I love niggaz making money over the crack

You are the rapper in the city?

Then come and get it, nigga

The way I handle it there are sharks in the water, baby

Niggaz talk tough, tough,tough

In the fast car

Cause I got tracks and body bags

Blood in the front seat, right where your bitch would be

Don’t stop , Shorty

I’m puffin’ the best smoke

Roll up the window, my last roll up

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