Villains - Ugly lyrics

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Call the doctor, I have got all these problems

I don’t know how 2 solve them

My conscience dead rotten, alone and forgotten

Call the doctor, send me 2 the hospice for people who have lost it

I’m stuck in my coffin and I think someone locked it

What’s my fuckin' purpose? I was born with words

That curse every single luvin' person

I’m sorry I’m a burden, I’m useless, fuckin' worthless

Think it’s time the close the curtain

All I think about’s my service

I mean it couldn’t get much worse

I don’t want 2 be alone anymore

This is life through the eyes of a broken man

Who’s let everythin' he had fall through his fuckin' hands

Doctor, I am deranged, my brain needs 2 be tamed

I don’t think I need change just a rope for me 2 hang

I don’t want 2 be alone anymore

This lil light of mine, I’m goin' to let it die

Anxiety still swallows my chest and lead consumes my lungs

Everyday the gun meets my mouth

But I have neva been 1 to get the job done

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