Villains - Rital(in) lyrics

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I’m the poster child for death, yo number 1 for a bad time

You really didn’t think that the slit wrists were a bad sign?

I’m sure I’m a nuisance, a recluse with a noose

You’d think by the 3rd song the rope wouldn’t be so loose

Till death do us part

So what? Now I’m just a waste of an investment?

Incessantly oppressed & always obsessed with doin' the wrong thing?

Just me, myself, & I, a head full of broken pistons

So it makes sense why, all my friends have gone missin'

Well okey, forget about me, been livin', barely livin'

Far from what I need, I guess I’m a misfit

I guess I don’t get it

So I’ll take a bath in blood & sickly depression

Well okay, forget about me, been livin', barely livin'

I can hardly breathe

So carve your name into my bones

Cuz I don’t want 2 be alone

Bludgeon me with sticks & stones

As long as I wont be alone

Constantly thinkin' about death is killin' me

My friend, my dearest friend

So till death do us part

Till death do us part

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