Villains - Lonely Bastard lyrics

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(They luv me, they luv me not)

I live with a noose around my neck

& the devil on my shoulder pullin' me towards death

Waitin' fo' when I slip up next

2 whisper faults in my ears hopin' I’ll choose him instead

The whole world’s a cutthroat, fed all these insults

Right down my throat, chokehold till I scream no

They luv me, they luv me not

It really all depends on what I’ve got

Why do I make time fo' people who could care less if I’m alive?

Cuz if they don’t luv me then who else will

I was born a lonely bastard, a walkin' fuckin' disaster

With a passion fo' bein' the worst & constantly thinkin' I'm hurt

So long live depression, long live sin

May you neva stop worshipin' your demons within

May you always fight the battles that you’ll neva win

Again & again & again

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side

But everything’s black & white when you feel left behind

Let me suffer, let me rot, swallow me with everythin' I lost

My mind is caught inside a slipknot

Made out of anxiousness & everythin' I’m not

Let me suffer, let me rot in my cell

They luv me, they luv me not, I can’t tell

People like me weren’t meant 2 be happy

We’re meant 2 choke on our words with everyone laughing

People like me weren’t meant 2 be happy

I’m not happy, I don’t know how 2 be happy

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