Villains - Like Father//Like Son lyrics

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I’m diseased, struck with melancholy

& a deadbeat dad who never said sorry

I’m diseased, I’m diseased

The roots have poisoned the tree

So all I ask is that you take it easy on me

I’ve got a whole lot of questions that will never get answered

& a pair of slit wrists 2 match a heart filled with cancer

There’s a bastard in my blood that’s clawin' 2 get out

But every now & again he escapes through my mouth

I wasn’t worth yo time but really I’m fine

I’ve been like this my whole life

Wrist always pressed 2 the knife

I’m swear I’m okay, I know everybody dies

I just wish we could have said our hello’s before we said our goodbyes

I’ll keep singin' this lullaby & try my hardest

2 not curse yo name with tears in my eyes

Because I swear that I’m fine, I’m fine

I can’t miss what wasn’t mine

You were never my dad, & really that’s fine

A livid existence where my thoughts are constricted

Happiness restricted from a person gone missin'

That’s a ten fifty seven, & I’m a ten fifty six

So all I dream about is heaven, even though I’m sick

I’m a monster without a father

An embarrassment 2 my mother

So it’s no wonder that I’m goin' under

Why don’t you luv yo son?

Yo pride & joy, I luv you dad

Why don’t you luv yo son?

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