Villains - Ketamine lyrics

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So sedate me, sedate me

So I can die happy

I’m not okey, I’m not alright

I’m sorry these tongue-tied words don’t come out just right

But it was nice 2 know you, it really was

I’ve watched everythin' I’ve tried 2 reach for

Just slip through the cracks

That’s why I overreact maybe you’d understand

Could understand why I’m desperate

Why I beg for attention

So sedate me, sedate me, so I could die happy

(So sedate me) but it was nice 2 know you

It really was a backwards life

I’m a burden of a person & I know that I do

Always feel out of place in a crowded room

Even my own fuckin' room

When its just one on one

Who I am & who I’ve been, comin' undone

Just me here 2 pull the trigger

A Freudian slip arms dressed with the slits

My dirty little secret

A Freudian slip shoulder 2 wrist

Murderous & self loathin'

Eyes shut, veins coated

With cyanide I’m hopin' that it stops my heart real slowly

Maybe I’ll start a trend

Load up your guns for your friends

Help them put it 2 their heads

The End!

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