Villains - Freudian Slip lyrics

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I'm sorry for everythin' I neva did

I'm sorry about all the things I've neva said

I'm sorry I've been such a hassle for you all 2 string along

I'm sorry that I'm not proud

I'm sorry that I feel like I belong in the ground

I'm sorry the concrete feels more like home

I'm sorry that everyday I feel more alone


Just one of those days

(Verse 2)

I’m sorry that every second I feel more weak

I'm sorry I'm caught up in all that I'll neva be

I’m sorry that I always talk 2 much

I’m sorry that nothin' was good enough

I'm sorry that I’m a has-been, with his smile dimmed

Just a nuisance who can't take a hint

I'm sorry that I could neva help

I'm sorry for feelin' sorry for myself


Just one of those days where I just want you 2 stay


I swear 2 God I tried my best

But the world won’t stop beatin' on my chest

I swear that it’s cracked my skull

& made everythin' I feel so dull

I swear 2 God it’s not your fault

I just neva learned how 2 fall

But I promise that I gave it my all

I swear it’s not your fault

(Verse 3)

I'm sorry I’m not always okay

I’m sorry that I’m always the 1 to blame

I’m sorry that I always make you upset

I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive & forget me

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