Villains - Bitterromantic Pt. 2 lyrics

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Do you remember the days where I was your everythin'?

What the world could bring?

Or how at night the world would sing?

I still remember the finest things

Those heartfelt talks about what you meant 2 me

Or how the nights alone were a deathly thing

Do you remember how you couldn't dream of anyone better &

How perfect we were together?

How perfect was the weather befo' you weren't sure whether

I was what you wanted

My whole life I've been taunted

I’ve always been unwanted

& now I'm sure that your voice was poison

All the words you spoke just noises

While you chewed me up & broke me down

Like my memories of you before he came around

So I hope you two are happy

With your knife in my throat I'm laughin'

& thinkin' of you

Cuz my only happy thoughts are between us two &

When you break his heart

I hope he doesn't fall apart

Like this man who always talked 2 much

Like this man who was neva good enough

Neva really had much but for you I had luv

Every lie you spit built my crutch

Life is pointless without you around

This is me livin' in the background

So I hope you’re happy now

I hope you’re fuckin' happy now

I doubt you’ll hear me screamin' for help

Because these words drown in my goddamn mouth

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