Villains - Bitterromantic Pt. 1 lyrics

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My antidepressant hides in a Smith & Wesson

I don’t know how 2 make anxiety lessen

I’ve learned my lesson, don’t eva luv first

Or have yo psyche messed with

Intimacy lives in a hearse

Luv is dead, it only exists in yo head

& hangs onto yo neck until yo face turns red

Until it rips yo mind into shreds

Now I’m just old news, a drunk & in luv fool

Now I’m old news, a fuckin' fool

But it’s not so bad, you’re only the best I eva had

Drownin' in static & feedback from the mic

That’s been stapled 2 my mouth my whole life

I need you, I luv you, is this all in my head?

Microphone check, no one can hear me I guess


I wrote these words in blood 2 make sure that they meant enough

Can you hear me? Can anyone hear me?

So say goodbye 2 chivalry & all that meant the world 2 me

Hang me high in this anxiety & everythin' I’ll neva be

Everythin' that I’ve been feelin'

Left me danglin' from the ceilin'

I’m only broken & misused

I don’t see what’s so unappealin'

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