Villains - Better Off Dead lyrics

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It lives in my home, it sleeps on my floor

Every night I hear it’s nails on my door

& kill every bit of hope before it leaves my pores

Stop comin' 2 my house

Stop stealin' words from my mouth

So I bite my tongue

2 avoid confrontation or offendin' anyone

I’ll neva win; I can’t win

Just a hopeless villain

I don't know when my demons conquered

Or when my skeleton softened

Or when the rest broke free from the closet

But I know every damn thing put a nail in my coffin

Distant, slime, lost, scum

All of the above

An embarrassment 2 everyone I love

The reaper still hasn’t come

I’m so sick of myself

So sick of screamin' for help

I’m still in fuckin' hell

I’m still in fuckin' hell

Rendered motionless by anxiety

A dead man 2 be

Trapped by this dead mans dreams

Cursed with the nervous luck of bein' me

Fuck the doctor; fuck his pills

Fuck the self loathin' that stems from the guilt

Fuck my arrogance; fuck my carelessness

It’s irrelevant; fuck my therapist, betta off dead

Let the grievance commence

I’m still second best I’m still second best, fuck!

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