Vert - Waiting For His Lady

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Well as the mourner

Yeah, that's how he met her

Well as the porno'

Yeah, that's how he kept her

And he says that he stared

That he stared at her figure

'Till he was close to her next movement

But never could he be sure

And no, no one wants to hear him say

The thoughts on his mind that he'd share with you anyway

'Cause no, he don't want to lose her

Though he's never even known her

He knows that she's bleeding and all he wants is to help

And maybe some day she'll turn to his way

He's saying...

No, I don't want to fall inlove with your face

Oh no, I don't want to love your dress

Girl, I don't want to feel your waist

'Cause your mouth it tastes so pleasing

But to love I need a reason

And there's more but I don't want to tell you the rest

So if you'll step out of the photograph

I'll try to be worthy of what's left

If you'd only give honesty a try this one time

She told him that she'd meet him there

Go to the grave that is bair

And he thinks that maybe she fell in and

Was covered up by the wind

But in the graveyeard he still stands

Just watching alone as the lillies growe from old hands

And through the years he's never cried

He's saving his tears for the final goodbye

So when the rains falling just toss him a coat

Don't run to him for there's a spiritual moat

But if you'll just reach out with your hand

I'm sure he'll hand you her picture he carved from this land

No more air for men to breath

Returned to dust are they so we'll grieve

And over each grave is laid a frame

inside's a women with no true name

I asked him once wich girl was the one

That had taken his heart away yet he said "Son,

If I were to show you the way

Would you show it to her or just let her return to clay?"

..And so I walked away.

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