Vert - Unrelated

rate me

we go party, graduated

drive the back roads, all unrelated

petle to metal, iron plated

we are driving without care

we pass everyone with the wind in our hair

wearing sun glasses at midnight

hit a car, jumped a curb, and in mid flight

thinking what a way to end the night

party man drinking beer

staring down guns without fear

people stare but don't care

we get naked and go swimming

date some women ain't good looking

stare into their eyes captivated

explore their bodys, unrelated

she's infected, passed it on

so he lays down in his back lawn

caughing blood, can't breathe

closes his eyes, goes to sleep

never awakens, burns for eternity

we live for now never thinking

that our death is what we're drinking

hell's low hell's low hell's low hell's low




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