Vert - Naked Man

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Paintin' pictures on the wall

tellin' of God the creator of all

someone took our paints away

they can't stand truth in the raw


Christian bigot tellin' Catholic boy that he's goin' to hell

never learnin' nor dicernin' that he's saved too

he can trust Jesus, and have a different name (than you)

investigation comin' in. Be above reproach, don't be a jerk

tell them the truth, not your ideas

you distorted mirror. You (they)think you reflect?


distorted mirrors are everywhere no wonder they don't understand

disrorted mouth spewin' jargon,you preach of the sun(son)just to-

get a tan


naked man,naked,naked,naked man

distorted naked man,you look fat but your really flat

He sees, and they see, they see, they see, they see, they see you.-

you distortin' naked man!

(C)->We stand nude in front of God.He knows(IT SHOWS)we know it too

so are you missin' somethin'? clothe your naked life with his-


you need him bad,so don't go runnin' away. You're just showin' the

world yourself!

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