Vert - Ball And Chain

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ball and chain ball and chain

have you ever gotten your butt whipped

did you ever go to prison

have you ever had your pride ripped

just 'cause no one would listen

I've paid

for something of which I know nothing

they hate me, they hate me

they hate me even more now,

now that they know I'm right

ball and chain ball and chain

here I am, you've got a gun

pulled the trigger killed someone

here I lay, you've made me pay

I'm spitting blood, confessions on my lips like a flood

have you ever felt a pain so great

you run to church but it's to late

the doors are locked

you pray before a window

crying out to Jesus

and you're on the floor

and you they ignore

ball and chain ball and chain

who's your ball and chain

what's your ball and chain

are you as able to cane

some things do not fane

I am laughing in the rain, these people they think that I'm insane

ball and chain, ball and chain

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