Vert - Abnegation

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a grayish torch turns the way

to you and your ways

and I pull my hand through clouds

pull the moister down on me

down on you

tears of ice and snow

I'm buried by your storm

fill the cup with blood and wine

over me it is pored this time

return to fogging windows

gapes a hole deep in the road

elegant bastards run the roof tops

town falls, fire burns the walls

a fat head lies in the gutter

below me rises worms laughter

open wounds bleeds your tongue

ultra-violet rays from the sun

turn you down to mud again

winters snows come

hills appear between you and me

atop the sky I'm torn down by you

time to go away

one torn in two

numbers off the board

call the souls of war

enough strength to fall away

widdowes learning fright

willows burning in the night

arrows carved into me

soul food for the hounds

abnegation ran from here

narrow is the road

decrements to a path of prayers

leave my bloody body

eternally here for deaths hands

around the fire you're running 'round

violent love makes no sound

ever more burning away

what has been is no more

heaven opens again to me

accompanist comes forth

tape worm burrows out

illusions disappearing

sight is once more mine

abacus on two

leaving me without you

octopus wraps tentacles 'round me

nevermore to turn around without finding that

electric hearts light the sky away

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