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Verse Simmonds - Ride lyrics

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Yeah it’s party time (x4)

Baby hop inside my car take the wheel

I’ll take you far

Hope you know how to handle her ride

It like a pro trust me i can take you

There make sure that you come

Prepared you can’t come inside unless you know just how to roll

Pre Chorus:

First you take it slow oh oh oh don’t press the gas too fast

‘cause that’s a no no you hit the switch

And i get low oh oh oh baby if you’re ready set go oh oh oh


I know you like the boom in

My trunk the shine of my headlights you’re gonna like it

When my top goes back you wanna ride, ride ride

I know you wanna ride, ride ride

You wanna pull up to my bumper blow the sound

out my worker start me up like a jumpa

Well let’s get this party jumpin

Wanna ride, ride, ride

I know you wanna ride ride ride

Switch lanes if you think you can show me all the tricks

You have you can be my driver baby you control the road

Baby you can fix me up

Take me to your body shop can you fix me up

take me up to your bodyshop

can you fix a broke heart i just wanna know

[Pre Chorus:]


So fill me up whipe me down

Take me for a ride, show me off to ya friends

Like you won a prize

I miss you, i might let ya be my boo if ya know just what to do


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