Verse Simmonds

Verse Simmonds - Private Show lyrics

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Girl, take it out for me, you know just what I want

It's how it's hard to leave this private show

Lemme see it, see it, lemme see ya take it off

Lemme see ya take it off, ooooooff

Take it off, let me, lemme see ya take it off


Those mental motivations, baby, I know what to do

Kissin' everywhere until I cover every spot on you

Heart's racing, baby chasin' with a shot of "oh-oh"

I don't want nobody else, unless there's another you

I want you all to myself and nothing at all

I can't help it, see, what you got on is fly as hell

But I want a better view, so show me the real you


(Verse 2)

Ok, those clothes overrated, we both drunk and faded

I know expensive taste when I see, you don't need it

Cause you glow, like a rollie presidential

Hope this don't offend you

But anything that you wear can't give yo body, it's just due

Let that loose, hit the front, dip that goose

You demandin' all my attention

So it's all eyes on you, and I call it like I see it

And anotha girl that's fuckin' with you

Wouldn't tell ya that if I ain't mean it

Now take it off and get comfortable, why...


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